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Simulation Medical

About Us

Medical training made easy

Simulation Medical started out as a group of medical students that were fed up with queuing for the opportunity to have one or two attempts on the University’s expensive simulator models.

We soon found that we were not alone - students all over the world were not getting sufficient hands-on practice before being asked to perform procedures for real.

So what was the best way to bridge the gap from theory to real life procedures? ... that’s when we started to come up with some solutions.

Today, Simulation Medical provides training kits that:
  • Are designed by doctors, nurses and educators
  • Are accessible to every student, to practise where they want, when they want, and as much as they need until they feel confident
  • Are both highly realistic AND affordable
  • Include our award winning interactive tutorial software - it’s like having your own private clinical tutor with you every step of the way
  • Allow educators to train more students, more effectively and more affordably than ever before
We make the best multi-sensory medical training aids in the world.

We want you to learn on your own terms and in your own time.

Our training aids will ensure that you are as well prepared as you can be for the real thing.

Simulation Medical Philanthropy

As a company, we have a very strong philanthropic vision, and each year we donate a portion of our production to charitable organisations that provide healthcare training in deprived areas and developing nations. If this describes your organisation, we’d like to hear from you.
This is better than the $2000 arm we've got the students training on!

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