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Venipuncture/Intravascular Clinical Tutor Software CD

Product details

The Student Venepuncture/IV Clinical Tutor interactive tutorial software can help you learn:

  • Finding a good vein
    • Vein anatomy
    • Differences between veins and arteries
    • Criteria for an accessible vein
  • Venepuncture
    • Used for Full blood exams, urea and electrolytes, blood cultures and more.
  • Venepuncture with the Vacutainer System
    • This new system is now becoming the standard for hospitals and healthcare professionals must become proficient with it
  • IV Cannulation
    • A difficult technique requiring much practice

Whether training with our ITS pads or attempting a procedure on a patient, the ITS interactive tutorial software can help you prepare for every aspect of the technique.

The ITS interactive tutorial software offers the following benefits:

    • It is the only stand alone software on the market that allows any person to practice each procedure with the accuracy and clarity of having a clinical tutor
    • Provides students with the theoretical knowledge required for each technique
    • Shows each procedure with or without the training pad
    • Shows left-handed and right-handed approaches
    • Printable notes included
    • Self-evaluation questions included
    • Injection site diagrams with landmarks and anatomy
    • Needle safety and sterile techniques
    • Animated techniques with cross-sections of needle entry
    • Interfaced controls to allow the user to move easily between different parts of the software

Note: Student software titles are not licensed for institution or group tutorials.  Only the Educator series software titles can be used by institutions or for training multiple individuals.

Note:  Copying and/or distribution of any Simulation Medical software title is strictly prohibited without the written specified consent of Simulation Medical.

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View one of the procedures from our Clinical Tutor software

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